Breaking Curses

A Death(knight) in the Family.

Paying the price.

The fight continues, and the place gets set on fire as Gyrn tried to eliminate a light by throwing a lantern. Syssel gets noticed, Tachri talks Marbach, and contemplates breaking the rock to tell Haenag Gyrn is reeking havoc. Ean and Prih are confirmed dead, and the fight goes on. [[:senallagos | Sen]allagos] gets killed as Isfet smashes his shield into his head, and hanging out the window. Fyke escapes through the window, and Tachri breaks the stone. Vikk shows up, talks to Thinia and Syssel and Fyke. They don’t know what is going on. After Tachri smashes the stone, Haenag and his dog shows up and attacks Gyrn. Gyrn gets taken down and bargains with death. He sees a large white owl, and the gates. He speaks with Death and they decide either Death will keep him until he need him again and will set him loose later and for now, he will be kept with Death, or he can die, or he can live on and learn from Erpri and the others (death knight training). He decides to go on and train. Isfet attacks Haenag and Odak teleports him on top of a roof. Then Isfet attacks him, and Odak dodges. Isfet falls off the roof, then Odak teleports and saves him from falling and puts him on the ground. Isfet stays. Haenag ends up destroying Gyrn’s body, only leaving his clothes. Gyrn gets a hit in on him though, and chops off his left hand. Haenag disappears with his dogs, and Vikk loots the body.



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