Breaking Curses

Break in case of genocide

The one where Isfet swordfights a kid.

Session started-
Nick was not present, Nate was only there at the end. Spirac did not interact with anyone.

28th of Akrob: Syssel noticed Injal’s robes were different than when they last saw each other. She seemed to have gotten married and had military markings, indicating she is a very high rank. The party followed Syssel and Injal back to the klott camp. Gyrn wanted to look for Tachri but was convinced otherwise. The group (minus Tachri) trekked north.
Syssel and Injal talk more, and Injal mentioned that the fire sling is quite popular in Malamura. Vær reverse engineered it and made improvements. Injal confirmed she is married, to Sesamm. As they walked, Isfet observed the klott. Isfet and Gyrn both take note of the route they are being led on. Injal told Syssel about the water monsters thats drove them away about a month ago. The Brownskulls had doubled in size in the past few years. Injal mentioned that her grandmother, Lore, would be happy to see Syssel again. The party discussed names for the group, and chose to be called “The Golden Blades.”
The party went up to the klott camp. They used a crank on an elevator to go up 50 feet to the trees. They walked and saw a klott in a mask and green robes next to Lore. Injal ran up and hugged the masked klott, who turned out to be Sesamm. Lore pulled out a plant and asked if Syssel knew what it was. Syssel said it was white hellebore. Lore then asked if she remembered what it does, but Syssel did not. Vikk said it was useful for relaxing. Lore talked to Vikk and said he should tell them some stories of where he’s been at the party that night.
The party was led to a room with several tables and a female klott, missing an arm. Next to her was a well armored male klott, named Krosk. Gillor is the one missing an arm, Vær was there too. Vikk and Syssel sit down, while Isfet and Gyrn kneel. Gillor talks about the problem with the water monsters, but skirted around it, then said they will talk about it later.
Gyrn asked a woodworker, Mine, to fix his spear, which she offered to do for 20 coin. He declined and left. Vikk learned she was unwilling to do it for cheaper because Gyrn killed her son, Vekt. Vikk and Mine talk. Isfet offered to get the spear repaired in exchange for a secret, so Gyrn reveals to Isfet he is an orphan, having never met his parents.
Lore and Sesamm show Syssel around the camp and introduce her to everyone. She remembered Mine, Val, Sori, Atge, and Siss. Isfet found another woodworker to fix the spear, named Rinisk, who fixed it after a bit. The fixed spear was shorter than it used to be. Vikk suggested that his grandkids play with Isfet. Danli agreed (after a bit of convincing) and allowed her sons, Jal and Misend, to come out. Isfet and Vikk talk to them for a while, and the kids mention a wizard. In order to get more information they needed Misend to talk, but he lost a bet so he couldn’t talk until Jal let him. Isfet showed Jal how to swing a sword in exchange for Misend to be able to talk again. Misend told them about the wizard and where he could be found. Isfet and Vikk went over to the wizard’s hut. They talked to him, and it turns out he is an outsider named Drask. He says that the water monsters are intelligent, and that they have stones used for telekinesis and weapons similar to fireslings.

Tachri ran for about five minutes, and ended up in a campsite with someone there. Tachri greeted him and the Bajuli there said his name is Haenag. Haenag talked to Tachri, calmed him down, and offered him tea. They talked, and Haenag mentioned he hunts abominations, and that he is a follower of Shen (God of the moons, peace, the ground, and seasons). One of the purple teleporting canines showed up and Tachri mentioned it attacked his friend (Gyrn). Haenag corrected him and said that Odak attacked Gyrn, and the dog that was at the camp with them was Vega. Haenag said Tachri should watch who he he trusts, and that Gyrn was responsible for the Nuupa Lake Massacre, where he killed all 85 people who lived in Meteli. Haenag gave Tachri a blue stone, and said to break it if Gyrn hadn’t changed from the remorseless killer he once was. Odak wanders over, and Haenag began petting it. Tachri finishes his tea and decides to leave.



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