Breaking Curses

Sauron joins the party

Bleakmoor at last!

Session started-
Nick and Eric were not present. Spirac did not interact with anyone. Technically the day changed to the 29th far sooner, but the sun wasn’t up.

28th of Akrob: The talking below Tachri stopped, and the candle’s wick looked at him. Tachri felt unnerved, almost paralyzed, but he managed to look away. Someone spoke to Tachri, and he responded. Gyrn went prone at the center of the roof. Tachri was unable to pick out where the voice was coming from. The voice wouldn’t tell what its name was, but they talked more. The voice told him to come down to the window, and asked for his name, which Tachri gave. There was an ornate gold or brass candle holder with a candle in it. The candle had a black wick and a red eye flame. It asked Tachri what he desired. It said it was named Marbach, after Tachri asked for it. It claimed he wanted revenge on the Vaa. Marbach then asked what he would give for that revenge. Tachri responded with “I dunno, probably a lot.” He offered to help Tachri, who then felt a flash of pain in his head. Images of the birds flashed through his head. Some of the pictures were showed the Vaa being peaceful, others pictures showed violence. Then it shifted to some weird geometric floating city. There were creatures alongside the birds. The creatures seemed to be riding the Vaa in one image, and there is some degree of domination. Tachri also saw the creatures wearing white metal armor with the symbol, as seen with the Branndetta. Tachri was left with an image of a Vaa smashing a Satra egg to the ground. Tachri noticed little sparks of red electricity on his arms.
Tachri reached out to grab the candleholder, but stopped. Marbach asked if Tachri wanted to make a pact. Tachri asked about the pact. Marbach told Tachri he is a spirit. Tachri then asked what the terms of the current pact he has is. Gyrn crawled to the edge of the roof to listen. Gillor was the klott that Marbach had a pact with. Tachri agreed to the pact. His head then exploded in pain and he screamed. Gyrn broke through the roof and landed in the room. Tachri was lying on the ground with the candle next to him. Gyrn shook Tachri but he was unresponsive. Gyrn whacked him with the butt of his spear, but Tachri was still unresponsive. Gyrn threw Tachri onto the roof through the hole. Tachri started thrashing and Gyrn grabbed him to stop him.
Gyrn jumped off the roof with Tachri and ran across a bridge. Gyrn then dumped some water onto his face to try and wake him. Gyrn then ran to the room with Isfet. He woke Isfet to help. They agreed that Isfet would stay with Tachri while Gyrn got Syssel. Isfet examined him to see what was wrong, but noticed no physical wounds. Isfet did however notice a weird marking on the palm of his hand. It looked either like a candle flame or an eye. Gyrn got lost looking for the hut Syssel was staying in, so he waited out the night and went back to the meeting hut.
29th of Akrob: Gyrn went to sleep after talking to Tachri. Syssel went to the hut to find Gyrn asleep. Isfet, Tachri, and Syssel conversed. Tachri explained what happened to him that night and mentioned the Vaa. Syssel reacted because the Vaa attacked her clan too.
The three of them went to the hut Tachri found Marbach in. Kurran tracked Gillor and they talk to her at her house. They talked about Marbach. Gillor revealed a symbol on her stump arm, the same as Tachri had on his palm. Tachri was stuck with Marbach for the time being.
They left Gillor’s house and Tachri talked to Marbach. Tachri said the power he feels is similar to the power he got from the Revice and Isfet got mad that Tachri hid the fact that he bought anything from the potions dealer.
Syssel spoke to Injal about the Vaa and that the party was planning to travel to Bleakmoor. Syssel brought Vikk to the meeting room. Kurran barked at Gyrn to wake him up. They caught everyone up on the things that happened. Gyrn bought a few rations from Drask and the party headed out to Bleakmoor. Tachri navigated and Syssel scouted ahead. Syssel found dirt that was dug up, like a boar had been digging there. As Tachri navigated, he saw a tomb/crypt to the southeast. Tachri chose not to head over to the crypt. As the sun went down, the party arrived at the destionation they set out on four sessions prior- Bleakmoor.



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