Breaking Curses

We're in trouble...


We hear armored and weaponed people coming to the bar. Isfet sees them and they have leather armor, and there is 5 of them. They appear to be below standard for armed forces. One stays with Isfet and the tells him to stay put, while one goes to Sen and the other 3 go inside.They examine the situation, trying to find out what happened. They listen to Fyke and Prodo, and Tachri says that the story they told isn’t completely true. A light and bright humanoid known as a Fae comes down from the sky and lands on the windowsill and is told to go tell the mayor. They chain everyone up and start directing them to the center of the town. They go into a fancy building with 3 Satras inside with very nice clothes on. The woman in the middle steps forward and thanks the guards. We notice Brem, Prodo and Fyke aren’t shackled. She then asks Brem what happened. The story was told, and they all are emotional. She says justice will come. We are all led into cells. Isfet looks into the future and sees himself in a room seated and talking, then it shifts to Vikk, then Tachri, then Syssel, then back to Isfet, and the floor splinters apart and he falls into blackness, for hours. Then Isfet sees a sunrise, and he isnt falling, he is hanging or floating. Then, Isfet is floating over a graveyard and there is a funeral going on with strange looking figures participating. Isfet senses knowledge from Ekurr, but also dissappointment and anger. He comes to his senses and the room is covered in ice, and he knows Ean has something that will grant him a secret Ekurr demands. Tachri is broken free after waking up, and Isfet starts breaking the walls and realizes they are metal. Tachri starts talking to Marbak, and Tachri feels energy going through him and he starts to glow. He starts to grow claws and his arms become larger. Tachri smashes through the door with ice on it, with one blow. The cell door hits into Brem and Vikk’s and leaves an indent. The guard calls the others and they show up to examine the scene. Isfet notices that this small person stands out in the aether. He has seen this before when he prevents magic. It is an area of nothingness in the aether. This figure approaches him and Isfet can tell it is male. He reaches his hand out to Isfet and Tachri, and they start getting tired. Tachri falls asleep but Isfet resists for a while, finally after being threatened to be shot, he complies and falls asleep.



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