Breaking Curses

Where Do We Stay?

"Ill Be Needing That Back."

29th of Akrob, around dusk, we travel, and there are green trees on the left and red on the right. The ground is muddy as we approach the outskirts of Bleakmoore. We go inside and ask someone on the road what a good inn would be good to go to. Jana said the best place to go to was either the Bar of Wolves or the Foul Horse Saloon, but our animals might not like the scenery, finally deciding on the Jackal’s Pelt. He was afraid of Kurran. The Jackal’s Pelt was on the east docks, and as we travel we see unfamiliar creatures, including a 25 foot giant. Most of the people here are Satchra or baijuli. We get to the Jackal’s belt, Syssel stays outside with Øpsel and Kurran, as we go in, there is a strong smell of spices. This is not a very nice place, compared to most inns, and looks more like a store. We see a Satra woman is hanging out in there. We spoke to the woman, leanring her name to be Anygonis, and she seemed nervous. She said 5 coin per person, all sleeping in one room on the floor. We pay her and then Tachri remembers about Syssel, so he goes back and tells her. She goes in and finds out Kurran isnt welcome, so she doesnt stay. Tachri goes back in and talks to her, tries but fails to convince her to get their money back. Isfet convinces her to get their money back, and he promises he will buy some of her “products” later if she gives our money back. A big burly Satra that looks poor
is talking to her when we get back down. He asks for money, and Isfet uses 5 gold for him to stay at the inn, while Tachri and Gyrn give him their 5 coin insteadof taking it back. His name is Sponadi. We leave and go north towards stables. We go check out the nearest inn, the Bar of Wolves. It looks better than the other. Several people are inside, and there is a weird looking Wyd, grey skin, pointy ears, big eyes and dark hair. Gyrn knows he isnt a Wyd. At one end there is a HUGE stuffed wolf head, 3-4 times Kurran’s head, mounted on the wall. Also a skull on a table, and lots of carvings of wolves. Isfet exits and go back to Syssel. Before Gyrn leaves, someone yells “HEY” at him. He turns around and then the guy says never mind and Gyrn leaves. We tell Syssel its not the best place. There is a fancy looking building that might be an inn, and Gyrn asks a Satra woman what direction the Foul Horse Saloon is. She tells him its just down the road a little, and turn right past the brewery. Tachri goes in to the Bar of Wolvers, to find out if they are talking about Gyrn. The owner is handing out drinks and hands one to Tachri. They strike up a conversation, apparently a Satra woman is giving out the drinks. His name is Eangeyed. he introduces Tachri to Thinia, (the satra that bought the drinks), Prodo, Prih, and Bremirinx at one table. At another, there is Senallagose and Fykemino, who is sleeping. He talks to Senallagos and tells him about the gem that may be nearby. Senallagose tells him about a crew that might be useful for him to bring. He tells him how people move wine down the The Sigelon River. There hasn’t been much sailing because of the fear of the river, people are afraid because some kid fell in or something and they think there may be monsters. Thinia’s reason for buying the drinks was because she was in a good mood. People at her table laugh. Tachri questions it, and they tell him that her being happy is because others are in misery. Tachri sees a bag that seems familiar, and Thinia has possession of it. Gyrn finds out he is missing a coin purse, Gyrn and Isfet walk back in after Tachri leaves and Eangeyed says they aren’t welcome. We approach Thinia and a Prih tells him to calm down, Gyrn keeps threatening and he asks the people in the bar and they say no one picked it up. They
look around and Prih uses fire magic for light. Tachri starts circling the building trying to look inside. They cant find the bag, Gyrn starts threatening more and Tachri comes in and says he saw Thinia with the bag. Gyrn pushes Prih, and everyone gets ready to fight. Ean pulls out something from under the bar that looks like a wand and has metal parts sticking out of it. A loud bang and flash comes from Ean, and Gyrn is hit. We end in the middle of a fight.



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