Satra woman who was in The Bar of Wolves and then met up with the party on the street in Bleakmoor. Wearing a green cloak with a red gem (fake or real) clasping it together. Told Gyrn how to get to The Foul Horse Saloon.

Also the Satra woman who paid for everyone’s drinks at The Bar of Wolves immediately after this when Tachri followed her back into the Inn.

Is a scout. Does a bit of exploring in the Leppu Swamp.

Apparently while talking to Gyrn, she stole a coin purse from him.

Fights with a dagger.

Was injured by Gyrn during a fight at the Bar of Wolves. The wound led to rotting skin. Syssel tried to heal her, but could only partially heal her.

Friends with Vikk.



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