Breaking Curses

Plot twist, klott twist!
The one where Vekt gets rekt.

Session started-
Nick and Eric were not present, Spirac did not interact with anyone. Vikk did nothing important.

28th of Akkrob: Party continued to the southwest. Just before noon, Isfet scouted ahead and saw some movement and some torn up road ahead, most likely being a set up for an ambush, while Táchri navigated. Isfet reported what he saw to the rest of the party.

The party stopped on the path for Tachri to swap out his modules and Syssel to commune. Isfet meditated and Gyrn went off to practice throwing his spear. Vekt showed up where Gyrn was, threatened Gyrn, and didn’t let Gyrn pick up his spear. Zei noticed and told Syssel, who alerted everyone else. They prepared to defend the camp, and Syssel and Tachri both climbed trees. Gyrn engaged his foes. Gyrn broke the spear and killed Vekt. Gyrn then got peppered with crossbow bolts. He tried to get behind a tree but tripped and dropped his sword.
Rosess whistled and walked up to Isfet. They talked about a toll for passing through. Orsik bumped into Syssel without noticing her, and she stabbed him with an arrow and shot Rosess. A bunch of klott fired at Isfet, who blocked basically all of it.
Gyrn tried to get up to get his sword, but heard a bang and his sword got knocked away. (Injal shot it away with her Fire Sling) He teleported over to his sword, barely dodging the volley of bolts headed his way. He picked up his sword and teleported behind Injal, but not before she shot him.
Demisk climbed up the tree Syssel was in. They locked daggers but Syssel noticed Demisk’s robes. Demisk and Syssel talk a bit, and Demisk tells everyone to stop fighting. She and Syssel talk more, and realize that the Brownskulls were a part of the Griffon Clan, that Syssel presumed had all died.
Gyrn teleported behind Injal and hit her, but failed when he tried teleporting away.
Demisk talked to Syssel for a while about them being from the same clan, revealing that about 40 of them survived the attack and that they only recently started stealing.
Isfet went with Solutte to stop Gyrn and the other klott from fighting. They all followed Isfet back, and Syssel then noticed that Injal was her childhood friend.
Syssel tried to heal Gyrn but failed the first time, hurting Gyrn. She succeeded the second time, but barely healed him. Syssel thought she should investigate before trying to heal him again.

On the road again
The one where Spirac leaves.

Session started-
Nick and Eric were not present, and Spirac did not interact with anyone.
21st of Akkrob: Party slept.
22nd of Akkrob: Táchri, Isfet, and Gyrn started the session off looking around for more information about people in Schedia’s Hold that are looking for other people. Tachri was called by someone in an alley, so he entered with Isfet. They talked to the shady potions dealer, but left without buying anything, because Isfet didn’t trust him and Tachri didn’t have any money on him. Gyrn heard about a Baijuli in purple clothes who was looking for a Wyd. The Baijuli and the other people that gyrn heard about the previous session were all last seen heading east. Gyrn then realizes that Isfet and Tachri weren’t with him, so he walks back and finds them coming out of an alley. They head back to the The Lone Troll to meet up with Syssel.
During this time, Syssel wandered around the hold and finds a dog named Tamen. Syssel spoke to Tamen to find more information on the people Gyrn had heard about. When Syssel wanted additional information, Tamen barked loudly to speak with other dogs in the city, including Gonda. The party then met up by the inn.
Vikk gave everyone their cut of the gems, 205 coin each. They shared the information they found, and Tachri left to go meet up with the shady potions dealer, and buught one container each of Roar, Revice, and Kina, without telling the party. They all went to sleep.
23rd of Akkrob: The party set off for Bleakmoor; nothing eventful happened for 3 days. Due to good management, Syssel saved the party a total of 8 rations on the first 3 days. Isfet scouted ahead, while Tachri navigated. During this leg of the trip, Tachri spoke to Gyrn about the potions he bought.
26th of Akkrob: At around noon, the party began to hear the sounds of the Sigelon River. It was gray, but was normally clear. The party went over a stone bridge to cross the river. Tachri spotted some vapor trails in the sky, which Syssel identified as coming from Klott airships that were heading southeast. That night, as Syssel was on watch, Kurran told Syssel that he could smell and hear something in the darkness. He believed it was more than one thing and they were good at hiding. They weren’t yet approaching camp. Syssel woke up the rest of the party and explained the situation.
Upon waking up, Tachri noticed four yellow eyes at least a hundred feet away that disappeared in the next instant. Tachri an Isfet went to investigate where Tachri saw the eyes; Tachri then noticed wolf-like footprints and an ozone-like smell. He saw eyes again, off in the distance. After reporting back to camp, Tachri applied some revice secretly. His pupils contracted, and he was incredibly fast. Tachri and Isfet then took Syssel to look at the tracks. Gyrn and Vikk stayed behind to watch the camp. Syssel noticed that the tracks were more similar to a dogs, but had one less toe-print. Tachri noticed the eyes again, past the camp, and ran over to them, faster than Kurran could. The creature disappeared before he got there, but he smelled the ozone again and called the party members over.
The ozone smell was gone from where Syssel and Isfet were, at the tracks. Gyrn ran over towards Tachri, but heard a sizzling noise right before a pop, and was jumped on by a Purple Teleporting Canine. Tachri ran to Gyrn very quickly and pulled it off of him before it did any real damage. It teleported away before the rest of the party could get close. Tachri noticed Gyrn was bleeding from shallow scratches left by the creature. He was fascinated by the blue blood, and thought it would taste delicious, but did not act on it. The two returned to camp, and Tachri explained how the creature seemed to match the description of those seen with Content Not Found: a-beli-or-laggar_. When Kurran couldn’t detect anyone nearby but the party, the party went to sleep, with Syssel keeping watch. Unable to fall asleep, Tachri noticed burns on his hands. He had Syssel look at them. He could feel no pain due to the revice, but Syssel judged them to be minor. Tachri told Syssel about the shady potion dealer, the potions he bought, and his application of revice.
It was then time for Isfet’s watch, followed by Tachri’s, but Tachri couldn’t sleep so he took watch first. During that time, he ran out and caught a mouse, eating some of it raw on his way back to camp. The blood tasted delicious and had a cooling effect on his body. When the watch was over, Tachri woke Isfet and tried to sleep. He was unable to until there was about a half-hour left of Isfet’s watch, when he suddenly became very tired. The remaining time passed uneventfully.
27th of Akkrob: Tachri’s burns hurt a little bit in the morning. They continued traveling, and discovered something that looked similar to a tornado like what _Content Not Found: zel
can do, but on a much larger scale, and not dust. It was probably an after-effect of a large magical spell. The party went around it. The evening passed uneventfully. Tachri’s burns healed.

A new friend, and new information!

People started off by buying things. Gyrn got the Flamescatter Spearhead from Isfet and paid someone to make it into a spear; Syssel bought some arrows. Gyrn, Isfet, and Syssel all bought rations. Syssel bought a Blue roan colored horse, named her Content Not Found: psel.(Yop-sul)

Gyrn went to the Lone Troll trying to get information on the people who hunted him. He sat down and listened. He heard about people that had been around in the past week, but none had been there the day he visited.
A Cacha woman looked around but didn’t talk much, had a red cape, a nice rapier, a necklace with bones on it, wore a mix of leather and chainmail armor, and hired a lot of mercenaries.
A beli or lagarr with a birdmask and a purple hood was asking around about multiple people, mainly interested in the corpses being dug up. He had a fancy bow, special gauntlets, and complicated interlocking armor.
A Zjag woman was drinking heavily, looking for a lover or enemy. She was heavily armored, with reddish brown plate armor, sun patterns on the pauldrons, a gold colored sword with a straight handle, and a greenish-blueish cloak.
A lagarr, wearing blueish-black clothes/robes, nice leather gloves, with blueish glowing eyes (possibly a kineticist), and something around his neck resembling the item one of the excavators had and used to move rocks around was very talkative, but also naive. He was carrying a sensor-type thing and big scrolls, and may have had a limp.

Isfet rented a room for 2 days for Syssel and the animal crew to stay in. Isfet payed.
Isfet also arranged a room for Tachri for 2 days. Tachri payed.

The Early Sessions
05/04/15 - 02/21/16

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