Physical Appearance

Klott are short and have red-brown fur, with orange skin underneath. Klott wear special hooded robes almost all of the time. These robes have very special patterns, called Lifemarks, that denote the wearer’s pedigree, occupation, and other information. A Klott who goes without his robes in public is treated as if he does not exist. Klott have very sharp teeth and small mandibles, sharp noses, and reflective eyes. They often tattoo themselves or add personal markings to their clothing. They have six claws on each hand. Their legs are bowed backwards.

Abilities and Aptitudes

Klott are strong and sneaky and can see in the dark, but they have weak immune systems. They are usually fairly smart and technically-minded.

Social Behavior

Klott keep a lot of pets, and they are reclusive and nocturnal. They provide for their small villages through hunting and scavenging. When resources become scarce, they will tear down their entire village and convert all the buildings into airships. They use the ships to relocate and then tear down the ships and set up buildings. Their buildings and ships are designed for easy transitions.

Sample Names

Ta, Fantandul, Selpsi, Økuny, Semittelp, Øtinjare, Eroveseff, Larre, Verreg, Kotirp, Torre, Blung, Jammen, Ikkarviss, Hantem, Risal, Blilleste, Stotge, Reggelse, Ryrunn, Vikt, Jeranse, Den, Blime, Gasken, Siling, Uover, Issig, Mag, Kraske, Stein, Irite, Sig, Bretteg, Rossynog, Tovesoss, Venda, Klinot, Irrinn, Sprutårre

List of Klott


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