Purple Teleporting Canines

Pale lavender/lilac/purple large dog-like creature. Two tails with heart shaped tips. Long nails or claws. Four yellow eyes. Three toes on each paw. Teleports with a sizzle and pop noise, leaving behind the smell of ozone.

Gonda saw two of them in Schedia’s Hold with Haenag. Described them as purple dogs with something off about them- maybe too many tails. They seemed to be working, hunting dogs. Gonda tried to approach them, but they glared at him, so he backed off.

Seen around the camp while the group was traveling in between Schedia’s Hold and Bleakmoor. Kept disappearing in an instant. Landed on Gyrn’s back and scratched him. T├íchri was able to catch one while under the effects of Revice, but it teleported away and left burns on Tachri’s hands.

At least two of them. Odak was the one who attacked Gyrn, Vega is the other one.

Purple Teleporting Canines

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