Breaking Curses

Awkward Pauses

"Fool of a Took!"

28th of Akrob: Early evening. A scout was sent to look for Tachri, but he was not yet back at the start of session.

The rest of the party was all back in the slightly larger building where they had originally met Gillor. As they approached the building, they had noticed lifemark flags outside, and colorful banners inside the building. The party recognized many of the people that they’ve met around town. Drask was notably absent. Gyrn wanted to avoid Mine, who he remembered was wearing purple and red, so he went to sit down, avoiding Klott dressed in those colors. Syssel was lead by Injal to where Lore was, and Vikk followed. Isfet sat somewhere, and several small children lead by Jal and Misend came over and were interested in asking him questions. There was food, but not enough for Isfet to have a full meal.

After a bit, all the Klott stood up, the party stood with them, and then they all sat back down. This happened several times, and Syssel and Vikk knew this to be a sign of respect when family members of the recently deceased entered the room. After about an hour, a drumbeat outside started up. As it built, people stopped talking and moved over to the door. Atge was outside, holding up a rope with four triangular flags with lifemarks. She spoke in another language that Syssel and Vikk knew to be ritual, funeral rites. The four Klott bodies were laid out around her, completely covered in long colorful scarves with their lifemarks on them. After finishing her words, Atge tied the four flags to the rope on the poles and they were hoisted up with the others. The corpses were lit on fire, and Atge and other Klott took turns speaking during this time. After the bodies finished burning, the ash covering the sleds was tossed into the wind, and then everyone went back into the building.

When going to sit back down, Isfet stumbled and fell into the table at which Gyrn was sitting. It broke the table in two and got food all over the room, causing Klott to mutter negative comments about Cacha. Gillor came to speak to him and suggested that he go outside, maybe even tie himself to a tree outside to ensure he wouldn’t fall. She showed him out, where he chose to stand. She had a whispered conversation with him on the way, discussing the troubles her clan has had. If their clan could recapture their old territory, they would be able to pay the party for helping them. But it should be kept a secret, as Injal would not want Syssel and her group involved.

Syssel and Vikk talked to Injal, Lore, and Sesamm about taking back their former territory from the Water monsters. Injal didn’t think it was worth it. Lore spoke about Gillor’s trustworthiness and how she hasn’t lead them wrong, but Sesamm brought up Krosk’s bloodthirstiness and said that Gillor has been listening to him more than anyone else recently. It was also mentioned that the Brownskulls were already having trouble with the people of Bleakmoor before they turned to banditry. Injal spoke of how glad she was that Syssel was home and tried to verify that Syssel would be staying with them. Syssel did not commit to staying with the clan, but spoke of several things needing resolution – the current state of the clan, finding Jømann, and investigating/hunting the creatures that originally attacked the airships.

It grew later and darker. Gyrn asked Lore about sleeping accommodations, and she suggested this building might be best for the larger party members. Lore offered space at her place to Vikk and Syssel. Gyrn invited Isfet back inside the building and informed him about sleeping there. Lore, Sesamm, and Injal left, with Vikk and Syssel to follow later once they talked with Isfet and Gyrn. Once alone, Isfet brought up fighting the water monsters, getting payment if they succeed, and keeping it a secret from Injal. Syssel shared her concern over doing this. While discussing their options, Tachri arrived and apologized for running off. Syssel explained what had been happening. Going back to their original discussion, Vikk had an idea about a town called Vellosh that the clan might be able to move to. He also suggested going to Bleakmoor. Syssel remembered the Klott airship contrails they saw on their way here, which could indicate another clan nearby. Vikk thought they might turn up at Bleakmoor too. Tachri shared that he met a guy in the woods and talked to him, and he was lead to the camp by Sontat.

Tachri asked to speak to Syssel alone, and went outside to the building. They spoke of the Klott who died. Syssel explained the funeral ceremony, and agreed to help Tachri the next day find the family of the Klott that he killed so he could speak to them. Syssel also talked to him about the difference in just killing someone and killing to protect oneself and one’s friends. They both wanted to help the clan get out of this situation of needing banditry to survive and went back to join the party to discuss what to do next. Vikk wanted them to head to Bleakmoor to find out why the clan wasn’t getting along with them, and then from there they could scout ares like Vellosh that might be better places for the clan to move to.

Vikk and Syssel went back to Lore’s place and went to bed. Back in the banquet building, Isfet went to sleep. Gyrn talked with Tachri about killing people, and how living with killing others gets better over time. Tachri shared that the guy in the woods (Haenag) that he met was the one who had the Purple Teleporting Canines and told Tachri about the Nuupa Lake Massacre. The man was hunting Gyrn because of that. Tachri told the man that he hadn’t seen Gyrn kill any person since the two had met. Gyrn confirmed his responsibility for the massacre and that it was his way into the organization The Nomads. Gyrn said they had honor. They ended their discussion and went to sleep.

Gyrn woke up in the middle of the night and discovered a sticky liquid all over himself and his gear that smelled like blood. Gyrn got up and heard a humming noise and occasional swearing from outside which stopped after Gyrn lit a torch. He spent awhile cleaning himself and his belongings off. Gyrn laid down again and heard the humming start up again after a bit. Gyrn woke up Tachri and explained the situation. Tachri went to investigate the humming and was able to bring Gyrn with him safely. They made their way to the roof of a house and heard whispering and humming inside. As Tachri got closer, it sounded like a Klott woman. She seemed to be having a whispered conversation with someone, but he could only hear her.
“We don’t need to go that far. These guys’ll, they can deal with it. They’ll be fine. Injal knows one of them. We’ll get you what you need after they’re gone. Yeah I noticed that. He’s an unpleasant one. They said they would take care of it. They’ll be gone tomorrow or in the next few days. Yeah, I think we move ahead with it. That’s Krosk’s plan. It’s a little messy, but hopefully no one will have to get hurt. Plus like I hate that woman. She’s awful.”

He moved back when he heard someone moving inside, then tried to look in the window. He saw a hand holding a candle holder with a black candle and a red flame. The flame then shifted and looked at him, almost like the wick in the middle was an eye.



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