Breaking Curses

Cleaning Up After the Chaos

Isfet Makes a Scene

Tachri sleeps in while everyone gets up. Vikk finds a bundle of letters next to him from his contracts. Vikk approaches the group, and they talk for a short bit, and discuss the “vampires”. Isfet and Khal start to bicker, leading to a short lived fight. They are angry at each other. Khal and Syssel give Vikk some coin to buy a map. The group buys stuff, and decides to head out.before that, Khal and Vikk go into Bleakmoore to try and find Isfet’s holy symbol. They go to the jail and find nothing. They head to the Bar of Wolves, and look over the fight scene. They find lots of stuff, but not the holy symbol. They try to find a smith and find a very large building. They are told this is where Thamaran lives.

Tachri awakes to Marbach’s voice, and they start to talk to each other. Marbak explains that the creatures from the night before were going to tear them apart. Marbak takes it as his own responsibility to work harder to protect Tachri. Isfet puts Tachri down and they start talking. They go over whats been going on, and the danger of the “vampires” from the night before.

Vikk and Khal walk in and its pretty hot, there’s a large furnace set up with a large person working it.They start to talk to each other, and Vikk asks him to make a symbol just like Isfet’s holy symbol. They made an exchange, and Vikk got a hammer holy-symbol from Thamaran. He gives it to Khal to give to Isfet as a “peace offering”. They leave and go to buy horses. They get a horse each, and decide to stay in town.

The rest of the group makes it to the town of the Brown Skulls, and is greeted by a scout. He tells Isfet his kids liked him. They arrive in town, and people greet them.

Vikk and Khal go into an inn, but before they go to sleep, Vikk wants to check out the bar again. He sneaks in and takes the gold that was remaining in a purse, but he covers it up by getting alcohol for Khal.



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