Breaking Curses

In which our heroes fail at camping

Our session starts with Isfet leaving town. There he just hung around the border of the town…. waiting. Making his escorts nervous. Tachri gathered his stuff, leaving the building he runs into Khal, dumbfounded. Khal reassures Tachri that he is indeed real. Khal regails Tachri his tale of survival and what he’s done since they separated. Tachri quickly breaks down and goes over all the gruesome murders he has committed. The two head off to the stocks to visit Syssel. On their way they passed Vikk, who was taking care of Korran and Yopsle. Vikk didn’t care.

In the town square. Tachri introduces Khal to Syssel. Khal is totally jealous of Tachri’s life of crime.

Isfet communes with his god. He learns that his god isn’t mad, but very disappointed. He contemplates a month journey to get a new symbol.

Tachri and Khal sit down on the the stocks platform to catch up more. Oblivious to Syssel’s plight. After more talking they go to the Foul Horse Saloon for drinks (not Syssel, obviously).

poop emergency break

In the evening Syssel is released form the stocks and meets up with Vikk.

That evening, the people that didn’t get banished from town gathered to figure out what to do. The group headed to Thinia’s house in the hopes of fulfilling Syssel’s promise. There was no answer when we arrived, but we could tell that someone was home. Upon further investigation, Syssel finds Thinia unconscious.

Heading the call of the needy, Syssel and Vikk enter into Thinia’s house. Despite Syssel’s valiant efforts, the wound was only partially healed. Vikk retrieves Gyrrn’s coin-purse and leaves the drug den alone.

The gang then decides to leave and find Isfet for the night. Khal and Vikk decide not to stay in a comfortable inn in the hopes of making the GM’s life easier. Apparently Isfet has lost his blanky (holy symbol) and is all ready to just leave the group for a month to get a new one. Vikk decides that he wants to sleep at an inn anyway. Syssel passes out from being tired.

Khal tries to use magic to create a ring of alertion around the camp. Instead he fails and makes a ring of fire that surrounds the camp. Fortunately, this does nothing but tire out the group. Khal offers to manage provisions and also fails at that. Tachri makes camp, and in a show of support of Khal, fails. Tachri then tries to keep watch and doesn’t deviate from the plan of failing at everything for the night.

When Isfet awakens in the night, he finds something sitting on his chest by some crazy sounding creature. He then notices that he is surrounded by these weird sounding creature. He tries to identify the creatures (and fails) and assumes it is vampires. Isfet awakens the camp, but can’t seem to break Tachri from the trance he appears to be in.

On investigation, it appears the creatures are the source of Tachri’s trance. The “gemlings” apparently make people feel happy. Khal sees a creature on Tachri and somehow pushes it off of Tachri, waking Tachri up. After seeing the creatures, everyone moves down the road like 20 feet and set camp again.



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