Breaking Curses

Justice Shall Be Done!

Punishment time! 7/31/2016

Khal is released from the cell, and heads to a bar. Vikk is released, and he passes by a destroyed cell with lots of water in it. He is seated and is asked for his point of view of what happened. He tells it honestly and is brought back to his cell. Syssel was then brought in, and she told the truth. Tachri wakes up in a room with a table and a guard in it, and is questioned like the rest. He starts telling the story, and when he gets to the part where he killed Ean, he stops and says his module went out of control and explains it was an accident. Then he finishes the story. Isfet wakes up in a small chair and someone starts asking him questions. He answers, and explains he did it in self defense. He seemed very convincing. He was brought back to a cell with Tachri. He senses Fae’s presence. Prodo, Fyke,Brem and Vikk are all taken out. They gather us up and bring Syssel, Isfet and Tachri to an open area and it appears to be used for execution in the past. Vikk is let out and is told about the other party members. We are led to the platform and Poinenema the mayor is standing up next to her husband and a guard. Khal notices the commotion and comes to look at it. Vikk goes to the animals, and tries to find Thinia. He finds her in a tavern and talks to her. He says Syssel can help her with her wounds if Thinia helps get her free. She agrees to it, and Khal is asked to help too. He tells them to call out lesser punishments, because usually the crowd determines the punishment. Thinia says the event usually starts around noon. They try to look for Fyke, and Thinia tells Vikk where she might be. Vikk knocks on the door Thinia led him to, and a sick looking Baijuli answers. Her name is Raehk. She tells Vikk Fyke visited here, and probably left to go to the Bar of Wolves. They go there and look in the window and see Fyke, Satara and Ugai. They all talk to each other and Vikk tries to persuade them to help. Vikk is told Raehk got sick because she drank from a river and it attacked her. Vikk goes to the area where Syssel Isfet and Tachri are, and makes his way to the front with Khal. Isfet is told to give his verdict. It is decided that he will be banished from the town, and is led away from the stand. Tachri then is asked to provide his verdict. During this, he sees Khal and is freaked out. Khal vouches for him. Tachri is given a fine of 100 coin. Syssel is asked to do her verdict. She is punished with being in the stocks for a day. Isfet is walked to the edge of town, and is given his stuff, and is branded and is asked to leave. Tachri goes to where Syssel is, and Khal waits for Tachri.



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