Breaking Curses

The Wild Goose Chase

Nothing here? Nothing there?

Vikk and Khal talk to each other on the way back to the group. They catch up on things, and return to the group. They ask Gillor if they want anyone from their village to come along with them to the river. She suggests that they don’t take this journey. She points out a few things on the map for us. They contemplate going, and try to learn more about the creatures. They go to see Drask, and we found out that the river creatures were using keneticism. They decide to check things out, carefully. They travel up north the river, and Syssel finds burrows ahead. We try and move stealthier while going towards them. Isfet senses magic, in the river, which is from something in the water that is alchemical from something upstream, causes withering or decay, and it was like this when we passed it before. Vikk found out there is a trap, that is triggered by going too close to the river. We go up river to try and find the source of the magic. We travel for a while, finding nothing. It gets dark, and we move to set up camp. Night passes fine. We continue north and halfway through the day we find the road. We decide to turn back and go back on the road. Eventually it gets dark and we make camp. During the night, Khal hears things approaching and wakes everyone. Isfet learns they are undead and animated, but have magical abilities of their own. He can tell it is intentional, but seems like it was done differently to some. Isfet senses a lot more, and they decide to leave. We return back to the Brownskulls. Isfet Vikk and Syssel go to see Drask, and Tachri explains to Khal how he got Marbach, and who he is. Khal tries to get into Tachri’s head, but it doesn’t work. Tachri goes outside “for some fresh air”. Isfet tells Drask what he found out. Drask explains how bad this could be, including for Bleakmoor. If Drask had more resources he could do more research on it. After more information is exchanged, they leave to talk to Gillor. We tell her everything, and she guides them to herbalists. We go to Telse, and tell her about everything. She can’t figure anything out. They all go to bed, but Isfet and Khal notice Tachri is missing. They look around and then tell Vikk and Syssel. Kurran tries to find Tachri. Khal sends a magical note to Tachri to try and get him back. We go to bed.



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