Tachri is a shorter than average Satra. He has childlike features, both in terms of his physical appearance and his personality. He has larger than average ears and is not as hunched as Satra normally are. He wears a gray shirt that is long enough to conceal his rig, which he wears as a belt. He also wears a tan hood with holes in the sides, through which his ears protrude.


Tachri was hatched prematurely when a group of Vaa attacked his village, Lukka Bend, and one of the Vaa knocked over his egg. As a result, he is notably smaller and less hunched than most Satra. Tachri built his rig and several rig modules to help his village hunt for food and evade the Vaa after his village moved underground. When Tachri’s village grew too large for the caves they were living in, Tachri was selected to lead a group of explorers to find the legendary Cave of Andulin, said to be located below the caves his people were already living in. Tachri and the other explorers found the Cave of Andulin, and Tachri explored them. During his time living underground, he was trained as an acrobat by a traveling troupe of acrobats.


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