Tag: Drug


  • Kina

    A potion that is silvery-white wispy fluid, it swirls and has electricity running through it, and there was magic coming from it. It makes the user very smart, for 40 hours. selling price: 30 coin. To use it, put it in a bowl and put your feet in it for …

  • Nog

    Stored in what looks to be an eye dropper, its a fluorescent liquid and lets you see the future. Sold for 80 coin.

  • Revice

    Stored in a wide jar, is a bright pink cream with pale blue and dark red specks. It makes you basically invincible and very fast. Its sold for 12 coin. Rub it all over your body to apply, lasts for a few hours. It is applied slowly. _1 use, slow, 35 …

  • Roar

    Stored in a small vile, about the size of a shot glass. Its a dark brown liquid, and makes you hit very hard and makes you really tough. Drink it to apply it. _1 use, 12 coin, 0 weight_