Tag: Inn


  • The Lone Troll

    An inn in [[Schedia's Hold | Schedia's Hold]]. Has a stable for horses, and a tavern. [[:tachri | Tachri]] is friends with the owner.

  • Bar of Wolves

    The Bar of Wolves is an inn located in [[Bleakmoor | Bleakmoor]], near [[Bleakmoor Stables | Bleakmoor Stables]]. The inn is decorated with an extremely large wolf head, a normal-size wolf skull, and wolf carvings. It is a one story building. [[:jana | …

  • Foul Horse Saloon

    The Foul Horse Saloon is an inn in [[Bleakmoor | Bleakmoor]]. [[:jana | Jana]] mentions that it is one of his favorite inns. He implies that the decor at the Foul Horse Saloon would make [[:opsel | Opsel]] uncomfortable.

  • Jackal's Pelt

    The Jackal's Pelt is an inn on the east side of [[Bleakmoor | Bleakmoor]], near the dock. It is owned and operated by [[:anygonis | Anygonis]]. It smells strongly of spices inside, but it is otherwise not particularly nice. There are racks of spice jars …