Tag: Location


  • Tamriel

    City that [[:spirac | Spirac]], [[:isfet | Isfet]], and [[:syssel | Syssel]] killed [[:ezcla | Ezcla]] in. Met [[:gyrn | Gyrn]] outside of Tamriel.

  • The Lone Troll

    An inn in [[Schedia's Hold | Schedia's Hold]]. Has a stable for horses, and a tavern. [[:tachri | Tachri]] is friends with the owner.

  • Schedia's Hold

    A keep located east of [[Tamriel | Tamriel]]. Schedia's Hold is anarchistic, and is largely run by Captain Sang. It has [[The Lone Troll | The Lone Troll]] within its limits. [[:spirac | Spirac]] and [[:gyrn | Gyrn]] both have contacts for their …

  • Frethak Forest

    Frethak Forest is known for having trees that stay red and yellow year-round. Somewhere in the forest, Haenag's camp can be found, a clearing with a fire place, pots and pans and a tent.

  • Leppu Swamp

    Strange happenings have been reported here. People talk about it as if there are ghosts there. Rumor has it that someone found a huge gemstone there around Akkrob 1225.

  • The Sigelon River

    A river with a thick, solid, stone bridge crossing it. The water is normally clear, but when the party crossed it on the 26th of Akkrob, the water was gray. The river is used to ship [[Lufthak | lufthak]], the main export of [[Bleakmoor | Bleakmoor]]. …

  • Bleakmoor

    A town located about a week's journey east of [[Schedia's Hold | Schedia's Hold]]. Rumor has it that Bleakmoor has been having some trouble with bandits in Akkrob 1225. Travelers from Bleakmoor warn of a terrifying beast in the woods, and townsfolk going …

  • Brownskulls Camp

    The Brownskulls camp is along the [[The Sigelon River | The Sigelon River]], northwest of [[Bleakmoor | Bleakmoor]]. The camp is made in the trees, with tree houses made of wood and bridges connecting some. There are ropes to make travel easy, and the …

  • Bar of Wolves

    The Bar of Wolves is an inn located in [[Bleakmoor | Bleakmoor]], near [[Bleakmoor Stables | Bleakmoor Stables]]. The inn is decorated with an extremely large wolf head, a normal-size wolf skull, and wolf carvings. It is a one story building. [[:jana | …

  • Foul Horse Saloon

    The Foul Horse Saloon is an inn in [[Bleakmoor | Bleakmoor]]. [[:jana | Jana]] mentions that it is one of his favorite inns. He implies that the decor at the Foul Horse Saloon would make [[:opsel | Opsel]] uncomfortable.

  • Jackal's Pelt

    The Jackal's Pelt is an inn on the east side of [[Bleakmoor | Bleakmoor]], near the dock. It is owned and operated by [[:anygonis | Anygonis]]. It smells strongly of spices inside, but it is otherwise not particularly nice. There are racks of spice jars …

  • Duenn Guhn

    A forest in [[Malamura]]. Warm and wet, touching the coast to the south and east. Filled with dangerous plants. North of the river, they're joined by dangerous beasts.